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Crystal Clear Accounting Service, Inc. Location: 60 South St., Calais
Phone: 207-952-9077
Crystal Clear Accounting provides bookkeeping, payroll, tax, and notary services to individuals and businesses.
H & R Block Location: 109 North St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-3966
Experts at helping you with all of your tax needs.
Tammi J. Smith Tax and Accounting Services Location: 166A North St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-0065
Tammi Smith is a full-service accounting firm working with individuals and businesses.
Fletcher & Mahar Location: 110 North St. Calais
Phone: 207-454-7641
Serving all your legal needs.
Chambers of Commerce & Tourism
Grand Lake Stream Area Chamber of Commerce Location: 15 Water St., Grand Lake Stream
Website: http://www.grandlakestream.org/
Greater Bangor Convention & Visitors Bureau Location: 40 Harlow St., Bangor
Phone: 207-947-5205
Website: http://www.visitbangormaine.com/
Greater East Grand Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Location: 18 Central St., Danforth
Phone: 207-448-2321
Website: http://www.eastgrandlake.net/
Machias Bay Chamber of Commerce Location: P.O. Box 606, Machias
Phone: 207-255-4402
Website: http://machiaschamber.org/
The Maine Highlands Location: 40 Harlow St., Bangor
Phone: 1-800-91-MOOSE
Website: http://www.themainehighlands.com/
Maine State Chamber of Commerce Location: 7 University Dr., Augusta
Phone: 207-623-4568
Website: http://www.mainechamber.org/
Moosehead Lake Region Chamber of Commerce Location: P.O. Box 581, Greenville
Phone: 207-695-2702
Website: http://www.mooseheadlake.org/
St. Stephen Area Chamber of Commerce Location: Milltown Blvd., St. Stephen, New Brunswick
Phone: 506-466-7703
Website: http://www.chocolatetown.ca/
Washington County Location: 85 Court St., Machias
Phone: 207-255-3127
The offical site for Washington County, Maine.
Website: http://www.washingtoncountymaine.com/
Axiom Technologies Location: 3 Water St., Machias
Phone: 1-866-708-7998
Axiom is a full service IT provider which includes broadband; online and offline logistic hardware, software, security, and marketing solutions; webpage hosting; and more.
Website: http://connectwithaxiom.com/
P.C.T. Communications Location: 483 North St., Calais
Phone: 507-454-2174
An authorized US Cellular Agent, PCT offers a variety of services including two-way radio, paging, SCADA, and security applications.
Website: http://www.pctcommunications.com/
Construction & Home Services
A & E Plumbing Location: 16 Beach St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-7597
A local, dependable plumber.
Border Electric Location: 337 North St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-8619
Professional electricians providing excellent service to commercial, industrial, and residential customers.
Website: http://www.borderelectricinc.com/
Calais Ace Home Center Location: 295 North St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-2308
Whether you need paint, lawn furniture, or plumbing materials, this hardware store has it all!
Website: http://www.acehardware.com/home/index.jsp
Dead River Company Location: 18 South St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-7511
All your heating oil and propane needs from system maintenance and installation to delivery.
Website: http://www.deadriver.com/
Downeast Porta-Jon Location: 401 Shattuck Rd., Calais
Phone: 207-214-4564
Rent-able porta-jons.
Eastern Maine Appliance Location: 86 North St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-3650
The place to go for quality home appliances.
Eastern Maine Electric Co-Op Location: 21 Union St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-7555
Providing all of your electricity needs at an affordable price.
Website: http://www.emec.com/
EBS Building Supplies Location: 372 South St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-2576 or 1-800-244-4329
EBS is your one stop destination for construction supplies.
Website: http://www.ebsbuild.com/locations/calais/
Johnson's True Value Location: 188 North St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-2551
A hardware store for every situation whether it's hunting and fishing supplies, tools, or equipment rentals.
Website: http://www.johnsonstvalue.com/
Ohio Brook Disposal Location: 776 Ayers Junction Rd., Perry
Phone: 207-796-9581
Ohio Brook Disposal provides residential and commercial refuse pickup and disposal.
Website: http://www.ohiobrookdisposal.com/
Riverside Electric Location: 334 North St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-7815
A full service electrical contracting company serving Downeast Maine since 1990.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/RiversideElectricInc
V.L. Tammaro Oil Company Location: 117 Main St., Baileyville and 325 North St., Calais
Phone: Baileyville-207-427-3775 and Calais-207-454-7500
All your heating needs from an experienced family owned business.
Website: http://vltammaro.com/
Customs Brokers
Deringer Location: 12 Whitney St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-3951
Website: http://www.anderinger.com/
Education (City of Calais)
Superintendent's Office Phone: 207-454-7561
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Calais-School-Department/206929706144695
Calais Elementary School Location: 53 Garfield St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-2000
Website: http://elementary.calaisschools.org/
Calais Middle and High School Location: 34 Blue Devil Hill, Calais
Phone: 207-454-2591
Website: http://www.calaisschools.org/
St. Croix Regional Technical Center Location: 34 Blue Devil Hill, Calais
Phone: 207-454-2581
Website: http://www.stcroixtech.org/
Washington County Community College Locaton: 1 College Dr., Calais
Phone: 207-454-1000
Website: http://www.wccc.me.edu/
Education (AOS 90)
Superintendent's Office Location: 63 Broadway, Baileyville
Phone: 207-427-6913
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/aos90aos90/
Princeton Elementary School Location: 289 Main St., Princeton
Phone: 207-796-2253
Website: http://www.princeton-es.u107.k12.me.us/
Woodland Elementary School Location: 23 4th Ave., Baileyville
Phone: 207-427-3882
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/woodlandelementaryschoolme/
Woodland Jr./Sr. High School Location: 14 1st Ave., Baileyville
Phone: 207-427-3325
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/woodlandjrsrhighschool2/
Financial Institutions
Bangor Savings Bank Locaton: 232 North St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-0223
Website: http://www.bangor.com/
Granite Payment Alliance Location: 3400 Douglas Blvd., Roseville, CA
Phone: 207-266-2955
Supplier of credit card and euro processing systems for financial institutions and retailers.
Website: http://www.progpa.com/
International Buy and Sale Location:
Phone: 207-454-4344
Currency exchange.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/International-Buy-Sell-Currency-Exchange/449660458403174
Machias Savings Bank Location: 210 North St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-7178 or 1-800-339-3347
Website: http://www.machiassavings.com/Default.aspx
The Bank of Maine Location: 344 Main St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-2123
Website: https://www.thebankofmaine.com
The First, N.A.
Location: 319 North St., Calais
Phone: 204-454-2141
Website: https://www.thefirst.com/
Graphics and Designs
Calais Screen Printing Location: 485 North St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-7272
Custom tees and other items.
Website: http://www.cspplus.net/
Calais Press Printing Company Location: 23 Washington St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-8613 or 1-888-454-7992
All your brochure, business card, and printed material needs.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Calais-Press-Printing-Company/169019926459272
Health Services
Acadia Hearing Center Location: Masonic Hall, 10 Calais Ave., Calais
Phone: 207-667-4014
Serving Calais every 3rd Friday by appointment only with offices in Bangor and Ellsworth, as well.
Website: http://www.acadiahearing.com/
Brian Hoops, DDS Location: 71 Broadway, Baileyville
Phone: 207-427-6064
Reliable dentist serving eastern Washington County.
Calais Family Eyecare Location: 330 North St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-2255
Offering everything from basic eye exams to LASIK consultations.
Website: http://www.calaisfamilyeyecare.com/
Calais Regional Hospital Location: 24 Hospital Ln., Calais
Phone: 207-454-7521
Website: http://www.calaishospital.org/
Curves for Women Location: 7 Lowell St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-2787
A great place for women to stay healthy and strong.
Website: http://www.curves.com/
Down East Hospice Volunteers Location: 24 Hospital Ln., Calais
Phone: 207-454-7521, Ext. 126
Website: http://www.downeasthospicevolunteers.org/
Mays Funeral Home Location: 26 Church St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-3141
Website: http://www.maysfuneralhome.com/
Calais Methodist Homes, Inc. Location: 116 Palmer St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-7196
A non-profit housing complex for the elderly and disabled.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Calaismethodisthome
Clark Insurance Agency Location: 90 Germain St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-8800
Clark Insurance offers a wide array of both personal and commercial policies including ATV, boat, tractor trailer, general contractor, and much more.
Website: http://www.clarkinsurancecalais.com/
Down East Insurance Agency Location: 23 3rd St., Baileyville
Phone: 207-427-3126 or 1-866-897-1365
You'll find polices for automobile, homeowner's, umbrella liability, and much more for both individuals and businesses.
Website: http://www.downeastinsurance.com/
F.A. Peabody Location: 254 Main St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-2556 or 1-800-759-4478
F.A. Peabody offers insurance, life, benefits, and bonding services.
Website: http://www.fapeabody.com/
Varney Agency Location: 325 North St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-2227 or 1-800-288-3072
Personal and commercial insurance including logging, aviation, life, and health coverage.
Website: http://www.varneyagency.com/
Woodland Pulp, LLC.
Location: 144 Main St., Baileyville
Phone: 207-427-3311
The largest employer in Washington County, this pulp mill ins 100% energy self-sufficient and is currently constructing a new tissue machine bringing more jobs to the area.
Website: http://woodlandpulp.com/
The Calais Advertiser Location: 23 Church St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-3561
Local newspaper serving the Calais area since 1836.
Website: http://www.thecalaisadvertiser.com/
Discover Maine Magazine Location: 10 Exchange St., Suite 208 Portland
Phone: 207-674-7720
A magazine focusing on the history of Maine.
Website: http://discovermainemagazine.com/
St. Croix Media Location: P.O. Box 703, Calais
Phone: 207-454-0779
Social media management for every stage of business. Affordable web design, maintenance and hosting packages.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/stcroixmedia
TravelMaine Magazine Location: 266 Meadow St., Rockport
Phone: 207-706-6765
A great Maine travel guide listing what to do and see and where to stay across the state!
Website: http://www.gotravelmaine.com/
WQDY Location: 637 Main St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-7545 or 1-888-855-2992
A local radio station playing classic hits reaching the people of Downeast Maine and Southwest New Brunswick. Tune your radio to 92.7 FM/95.3 FM.
Website: http://www.wqdy.fm/
City of Calais Location: 11 Church St., Calais
Phone: 207-454-2521
Calais Police Department: 207-454-2756 (office)
Calais Fire Department: 207-454-7400 (office)
Website: http://www.calaismaine.org/
Town of Baileyville Location: 63 Broadway, Baileyville
Phone: 207-427-3442
Baileyville Police Department: 207-427-6203 (office) or 207-427-6992 (dispatch)
Baileyville Fire Department: 207-427-6204
Website: http://www.baileyville.org/
Non-Profit Organizations
Calais Downtown Revitalization Coalition (CDRC) P.O. Box 146, Calais
The CDRC is a group of committed downtown business owners and citizens devoted to revitalizing Downtown Calais.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/CalaisDowntownRevitalizationCoalition
Downeast Economic Development Location: 63 Broadway, Baileyville or 11 Church St., Calais
Phone: 207.214.9394 or 207.454.2521 or 207.427.3442
Email: ewced@outlook.com
Whether your business is established or a start-up, the St. Croix Valley can be a great fit for your company. More than just tax incentives and financing packages, we have a dedicated staff of experts to help your business to grow and to succeed.
Website: http://www.downeasteconomicdevelopment.com/
Rotary Club of Calais P.O. Box 165, Calais
Meetings every Wednesday at 12:15 in the Assembly Room at WCCC.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Calais-Rotary-International-Club/174259955948853
Sunrise County Economic Council Location: 53 Prescott Dr., Suite 3, Machias (Main Office) or 1 College Dr., Calais
Phone: 207-255-0983 (Main Office) or 207-259-5004 (Calais Office)
"The Sunrise County Economic Council (SCEC) initiates and facilitates the creation of jobs and prosperity in Washington County, Maine, by working with a consortium of community-minded businesses, not-for-profit organizations, municipalities and citizens."
Website: http://sunrisecounty.org/
Real Estate
Unobskey Investments Location: 1150 Sacramento #304, San Francisco, CA
Phone: 415-931-1118
Security & Alarm Systems
Black Bear Security, Inc. Location: Offices in Addison and Peambroke
Phone: 207-483-2006 (Addison) or 207-726-9662 (Pembroke)
Installation of CCTV, fire and security systems. Serving commercial, municipal, and residential clients.
Website: http://blackbearsecurity.net/index.htm