Grand Lake Stream

Known as Hinckley Township since 1854, the small village of Grand Lake Stream took its name after the 3 mile long stream that flows through it in 1870.  Although the first permanent settlers did not arrive until 1820, it did not take long before the stream became famous for its salmon fishing.  In those days, the stream would be lined by the tents of Passamaquoddy fishing guides from Indian Township.


From 1870 to 1898, the Shaw brothers built and maintained the largest tannery in the world along the shore of Grand Lake Stream causing a swell in the population.  It was during this time, in 1897, that Hinckley Township became Grand Lake Stream Plantation.


With the demise of the tannery, came the rise of the sporting camps Grand Lake Stream is so well know for.  The plantation is home to many of these lodges full of old world charm and rich histories that have even hosted a president.  Today, the town centers around these lodges, guiding fishing and hunting trips, and offering visitors a taste of true wilderness.


Quick Facts

County:  Washington

Selectmen:  Louis Cataldo, Elain Brown, and Bonnie Gagne

Population:  109 permanent residents with a large influx of seasonal residents


Information courtesy of the Grand Lake Stream Chamber of Commerce.