Baileyville is well know for its wood and pulp industry, and Woodland Pulp, LLC is one of the largest employers in Washington County.  In the 1830s, the town manufactured oilcloth until the factory burned down in 1921.  Today, the pulp mill drives the economy along with retail businesses.


The Town of Baileyville was incorporated in 1828, but it is also known as the Village of Woodland.  Both names are used interchangeably.  Settled originally by Quakers in 1780, Baileyville has a diverse population with many different recreational opportunities available.  Meddybemps Lake offers visitors a chance to enjoy the refreshing Maine waters, and parks, restaurants, and retail stores offer visitors every convenience.


Quick Facts

County:  Washington

Council Chair:  Tim Call

Town Manger:  Richard Bronson

Population:  1,521

Schools:  Woodland Elementary School and Woodland High School


Information courtesy of the Town of Baileyville.