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The St. Croix Valley Chamber of Commerce represents 8 municipalities.  Each community has a unique and diverse history that makes it a wonderful place to visit.



Baileyville is well know for its wood and pulp industry, and Woodland Pulp, LLC is one of the largest employers in Washington County.  In the 1830s, the town manufactured oilcloth until the factory burned down in 1921.  Today, the pulp mill drives the economy along with retail businesses…


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Incorporated in 1809, Calais’s St. Croix Island was the first permanent settlement in Maine.  This settlement, though unsuccessful, can still be seen today.  It wasn’t until 1779 that Calais saw its first permanent settler…


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Grand Lake Stream

Known as Hinckley Township since 1854, the small village of Grand Lake Stream took its name after the 3 mile long stream that flows through it in 1870.  Although the first permanent settlers did not arrive until 1820…


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Indian Township

Indian Township is one of two Passamaquoddy Reservations in Maine.  It was first settled by Captain Tomah Lewey of St. Andrews, New Brunswick in the late 1700s.  He and his family first settled on Lewey’s Island, and by the 1800s other tribal members…


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Like its namesake in Wales, Pembroke was historically a shipbuilding center due to its excellent harbor.  Settled in 1774 and incorporated in 1832, the small town was building ships as early as 1825…


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Named after War of 1812 hero Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, the town was first settled in 1758 and incorporated in 1818 while the British held Eastport not 6 miles away.  The town has transitioned over the years from a shipyard to a…


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Incorporated in 1832, the Town of Princeton has historically been a sportsman’s paradise and a part of the lumber industry.  The town has close ties with its neighbors, Indian Township and Grand Lake Stream…


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Incorporated in 1811, Robbinston was historically a town of shipbuilders.  They turned to potatoes and fishing with the arrival of steam-power.  The waters around Robbinston are rich in trout and salmon along with pickerel and perch…


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The following are city/town contact numbers in the St. Croix Valley.  All numbers are in area code (207) except for New Brunswick, Canada which is area code (506) as noted at the bottom of the list.



Contact Number

Alexander 454-3011
Baileyville 427-3442
Calais 454-2521
Crawford 454-7105
Eastport 853-2300
Grand Lake Stream 796-2001
Indian Township 796-2301
Meddybemps 454-0065
Pembroke 726-4047
Perry 853-0779
Pleasant Point Reservation 853-2600
Princeton 796-2744
Robbinston 454-2877
St. Andrews, N.B. (506)-529-5120
St. Stephen, N.B. (506)-466-7700