St. Croix Region

Welcome to the St. Croix Valley.   Located in the eastern most County in the United States (Washington), this beautiful area is nestled between the St. Croix River and the lakes and woodlands of the County.


We hope you will enjoy your stay with us. You are in an area of quiet forests, lakes, ponds, and islands.  History and nature are here, and we invite you to enjoy it with us. Walk along our shores, sit on the river banks, stroll through nature trails, and enjoy the quiet and tranquility of “the way life should be.”


Washington County is one of the last places on the busy, over-crowded Eastern seaboard where you can get away by yourself on a forest trail or walk for miles on the salt-sprayed shoreline and see no one.  You can yield to that bit of pioneer blood and live completely out of sight from your neighbor’s cabin.  Not many withdraw that far, but there are others who consider Washington County the last frontier of peace and untarnished beauty – of quiet and clean, clear air.  Join us in all seasons and enjoy our “little piece of Paradise.”


whitlockmillThe St. Croix Valley offers beautiful views like those found at the Whitlock Mills Lighthouse.  This lighthouse is the northeastern most lighthouse within the United States.  It is situated on private property and owned and maintained by the St. Croix Historical Society.  The Coast Guard maintains the light itself.  It is best seen from the St. Croix River.


There are financial institutions, fine motels, and excellent restaurants.  A three-screen cinema shows the latest movies.  Bed and breakfasts offer alternate accommodations, and there are many camping areas for the outdoor experience.  Historic buildings can be found throughout the area, including the Calais Free Library, the Holmes Cottage, and the “Gingerbread Houses.”


Calais Regional Hospital serves an area of about 40,000 inhabitants, and the area has a well-trained ambulance/transport service. There are numerous service organizations based her in the Valley and churches of many denominations welcome visitors.


Calais is the primary shopping center for eastern Washington County and Charlotte County, N.B.  There is a wide variety of chain and independent stores, as well as antique and craft shops which enable visitors to find that special item they’ve been searching for.


If you’re looking for something to do, join us each August as we celebrate the International Homecoming Festival.  If hunting or fishing is your activity of choice, the St. Croix Valley offers plenty of opportunities for just that.  Maine Guides are also available to help you succeed in your adventure.  Visit for a complete listing of Maine Guides.  If “leaf-peeping” is your bag, Washington County was listed as one of the Top Ten destinations in the country.  Click here to learn more. Peak time is the first week or two in October.  Any later than that and a gust of wind could hinder your chance to see some incredible colors!



If you plan on visiting Canada, please be aware of new requirements to return into the United States.  Passports are required to travel across the border.  If you already have your passport, be sure to  bring it with you.  It will expedite your entry back into the United States.  People 18 and under are only required to present a birth certificate, or other documentation that proves their citizenship.  It is recommended that you have your documents out and ready for presentation to the Customs Officers.  Please don’t have it packed away in your suitcase!  Please visit either the Homeland Security website or Customs and Border Protection website for the most current and more detailed information.